Priyanka Chopra All Set to Perform on the Sets of Quantico 2

Piggy Chops is back to New York for the shooting of Quantico season 2, premier to air tonight in France on M6.

Priyanka Chopra All Set to Perform on the Sets of Quantico 2

A handful of Bollywood celebrities have managed to make it to Hollywood, one amongst them is India’s very own Piggy Chops. From the look of her success in the Hollywood industry and her lead role in Quantico, it is safe to say that she is here to stay.

She was offered her role in Quantico as Alex Parrish on 25th February 2015 and the shooting for it began soon after on the 20th July 2015. The storyline of this television show aired on ABC, Quantico, is based on a character, Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra), as one of the FBI training recruits, suspected to have been involved in terror attacks and her efforts to prove herself innocent. After the success of Quantico’s first season, PC now heads back to New York for the shooting of the season two. She had informed her fans of the feast that the team had indulged, in prior to the shoot.

Quantico 2 cast dining together

Priyanka Chopra was in India after finishing the shooting of Quantico season one, to spend time with her loved ones back home. She shared family portrait while celebrating her brother, Siddhart Chopra’s birthday. Piggy Chops has conveyed her love towards her family before she set out for her journey back to New York.

Priyanka Chopra's family portrait

Through her posts she also expressed her longing for home. Her statement “Something about home that I will miss so much this time.. Was too short.. Will miss home real bad this time..” suggests the same.

The cast of Quantico 2 had met up for a table read of their scripts earlier this month.

Cast of Quantico 2

PC’s recent pictures from the set of Quantico, also point at the international recognition this Bollywood-turn-Hollywood star has received on the recent years.

PC poses with a fan in New York

Her pictures on Instagram suggest that the preparation and shooting for Quantico’s second season is taking place in full blow. The recent information suggests that the first episode of season two has already been shot today. At this pace, we can expect to see her and the team back on the screens by September, this year.

Quantico Shooting Set

Priyanka Chopra on the sets of Quantico

Priyanka Chopra on the set of Quantico

Word is out that Quantico's premier would take place tonight in France on M6.

Quantico Premier in France