Republican Party denies Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech

Republican Party and Donald Trump's campaign managers have come to the aid of Melania Trump, whose speech on Monday night stirred up plagiarism charge against her.

Republican Party denies Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama

In the wake of accusations that Melania Trump has plagiarized parts of Michelle Obama's speech at the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump's camp has started a virulent campaign supporting Melania.

Reportedly, Trump's campaigners have termed the accusations, "really absurd". It is beyond one's imagination to think that Mrs. Trump would think about such an idea ever, campaign chairman for Donald Trump Paul Manafort was quoted as saying to CNN.

He further added that, Melania Trump is fully aware of the fact that her speech at the Republican National Convention would completely come under the media's scrutiny.

On "New Day", Manafort told reporters that the so-called alleged plagiarised words, being used by Melania, were actually common words. He reiterated that these words were not "cribbed", as alleged by her critics.

"There's no cribbing of Michelle Obama's speech. These were common words and values of Mrs.Trmup on what she cares about her family," Manafort told CNN.

It is not possible to imagine that she will be cribbing Michelle Obama's speech, added Manafort, who called the allegation wild and crazy.

However, Bloomberg recently quoted the Republican Party's National Committee chairman Reince Priebus today morning that he would "probably" sack whoever found responsible for the incident, which has led to an awkward situation for the Republican Party.

However, he tried to justify Mrs. Trump's speech saying that, it all depends on the context in which the Convention was held at the venue and also the circumstances in which things were written.

Observer's say that the controversy had now begun to overshadow her speech, which planned as Mrs. Trump's introduction to voters. Her speech was centered on her stay in the US, her marriage and her love for Mr. Trump.

The Trump camp has published a statement, soon after the controversy. However, it skipped the controversial plagiarism charge against Mrs. Trump. Melania's speech contains only parts from Melania's life's inspirations, and also highlights of her own thinking, added Trump's senior adviser Jason Miller.