Salman Khan's Sultan Breaks Records of Pre-Booking in UAE

Seats for the Ali Abbas Zafar�s film pre-booked and theatres saw �full house� before the release of Salman Khan starrer Sultan.

Salman Khan

Call it a signature move if you will, but Salman Khan movies on Eid have become somewhat of a custom. This year, too, many Salman fans were looking forward to the release of Sultan on Eid, 6th July 2016. Despite all the trouble that Salman Khan has lately gotten himself into with the unpleasant statement that he made about feeling like a raped girl by the end of shooting for his fighting scenes, in Sultan.

Just as anywhere in the world, Salman Khan fans are in abundance in UAE, too and a Salman movie was a cherry on top during the festive season. This Eid, the government had declared a week’s holiday for government employees and 2 days of holiday for the private sector employees. Towards the end of Ramadan the pre-booking for Sultan had begun in UAE and the movie had become an obvious part of the Eid holiday plans.

The movie was expected to break records, as Khan movies usually do. However, this time around the shock factor was not in the amount of money that the movie incurred but instead the rate at which pre-bookings of the movie shot sky-high.

Sultan beat all the pre-booking records in UAE. There has never been a movie before, not even from Hollywood that has received such a response in the UAE, previously. The conditions were such that theatres sold one house full after another before the movie hit the screens. When the movie finally released, it was shown in multiple theatres across all cinemas in UAE. It screened throughout the day and during the night.

Sultan has also broken records by becoming one of the fastest movies in India to bag over Rs. 1.75 billion. This Yash Raj Film, Sultan incurred Dhs57.38 million (Rs. 1.05 billion) in India. It beat Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s record, which too released on Eid and collected Rs. 1.01 billion, last year. The movie has proven to become one of the biggest Bollywood blockbusters that the India cinema has released this year.