Fed up, Irom Sharmila to end 15-yr fast to contest election in Manipur

Sharmila has been released many times, and rearrested on the same charge �attempt to suicide� several other times during her fast

Fed up, Irom Sharmila to end 15-yr fast to contest election in Manipur

‘Iron Lady of Manipur’ Irom Sharmila, who has been on a fast for more than 15 years urging the government to repeal the Armed Forces Special Powers Act from the state, has reportedly decided to end her fast on August 9 and contest election in Manipur.

Sharmila has been arrested and released many times on the charge of “attempt to suicide”, however, as it is a democratic protest, she hasn’t been convicted even once in these 15 years.

The activist seems to have been fed up with fake promises made by political parties that the Act will be repealed if their party wins majority, which she has been hearing before every election. Post election, political parties have consistently turned their backs on the issue.

The activist is against the draconian AFSPA, which provides limitless powers to security forces, to use force to arrest anyone without a warrant, shoot at sight at anyone on the mere suspicion that someone has committed or was about to commit a cognisable offence. In addition to this, the Act prohibits any legal or judicial proceedings against Army personnel, without the sanction of the Central Government. But the government is presently in no rush to repeal the Act from the state.