Shocking video: Chinese woman dies in tiger attack in Beijing zoo

A video showed a Chinese family enjoying their weekend safari, was attacked in a Beijing safari park.

Shocking video: Chinese woman dies in tiger attack in Beijing zoo

A Chinese woman was killed and her daughter was seriously injured, when a Siberian tiger attacked them, when they tried to get outside their car , while enjoying a wild safari in a zoo in Beijing, reported New York Times.

Yanqing County government has confirmed the tragic incident saying that a Siberian tiger has mauled one tourist to death a Chine family stepped out of their car at Beijing's Badaling Safari World on Saturday.

It added that, one woman reportedly stepped out of the car after some heated arguments with her family members.
While her family members were persuading her to het inside the car, a fearsome looking tiger attacked her and tried to drag her away, showed a park video.

Watch the shocking vide0 here

While her mother tried to save her , the tiger attacked her as well, leading to her death. The video also showed another male member trying to save the woman, but to anvil. Their child, who was sitting in the car, escaped hurt, added local media.

The video has gone viral in You Tube, with hundreds of comments from anguished viewers, shocked at the bizarre turn of incidents of an otherwise happy weekend tour. The Chinese authorities allow the tourist to enter the safari parks in their private vehicles, however, stepping out of vehicles is strictly banned under the law.

This safari park in Beijing is famous for its wild tours that help people to see wild animals closely, added reports.
However, attacks by wild animals leading to death are common here, say reports. One person was killed by a tiger last year, and another in 2009, added reports.

Similarly an employee was killed by an elephant in last March, it was reported.
China has over thousand captive tigers across its parks and sanctuaries, while that of its wild population is shrinking fast, reported New York Times.