Should you use Instagram or Facebook to chat with celebrities? Here is the answer

Researchers at Facebook found people prefer Instagram over Facebook for chatting with celebrities. Facebook IQ has conducted the survey among over 5,000 users.

Should you use Instagram or Facebook to chat with celebrities? Here is the answer

Here is some good news for the lovers of photo sharing platform Instagram. A new survey has found that people may prefer their Instagram accounts over Facebook for chatting with celebrities. Instagram has 1.3 times more chances over its parent social media platform Facebook, added the study by the data analytic team of Facebook.

The team completed the study after analyzing 5,500 users of Facebook and Instagram in six countries, Australia, Brazil, France, Japan, the UK and the US, for their behavior and emotions across the two platforms, said members.

"People use both Facebook and Instagram but each fulfills their needs to a different extent. Our survey revealed that for people who use both feeds equally, Facebook better satisfies their need for empowerment, recognition and connection and Instagram fulfills their desire for fun, relaxation and discovery," said Vicki Molina-Estolano, researcher at Facebook IQ.

The study has revealed that Facebook has been used for more to access news, while Instagram helps more in getting to know about our celebrities. According to the findings, millennials are more likely to seek out video content than older generations. They are also more likely to follow accounts related to fashion, beauty, interior design and people they don't know personally on Instagram than on Facebook.

When major events occur, respondents turn to Facebook for reactions and opinions and to Instagram for behind-the-scenes content, revealed the survey.

The survey also suggested that for users, fun was defined as encountering the unexpected on Instagram, and as humor on Facebook.

The study also found how parents are also treating the two social media platforms differently for accessing information, news and also to connect to celebrities and getting updated about their lifestyle.

"Parents on Facebook tend to look for updates from friends and family, news and humor content and on Instagram, they more often seek information about celebrities, fashion, travel and beauty," revealed the survey.