Some useful tips to stay healthy at work

While one cannot do anything about jobs and routines, and cannot also stretch a day further than 24 hours, what you can and must do is include the following habits in your daily routine

Some useful tips to stay healthy at work

How to stay healthy at work? This is a question that stares every working professional in the eye. Hectic routines, long office hours and still longer hours before computer screens, no fixed time for meals are the bane of life these days. So should we resign to being our weak and cranky (yes lack of physical health means a cranky mind) selves, or should we do something about it?

While one cannot do anything about jobs and routines, and cannot also stretch a day further than 24 hours, what you can and must do is include following habits in your daily routine. These steps sure will keep you healthy, and better adjusted to handle work pressure, both at home and in office.

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Hand-washing is good habit, not just for kids but for adults as well. When you are in office, wash your hands frequently but without being obsessive about it. Always wash your hands before you eat and after using the restroom. Keep a hand-sanitizer handy, and apply it on your hands and after sneezing or coughing or after you shake hands with a person having cold or cough. This will reduce the likelihood of germs travelling to your respiratory or digestive system to a great extent.

Keep your workstation clean

Keep sanitizing wipes and spray at your desk and wipe the table and computer keyboard often. You may find it hard to believe but an average desk harbors enough bacteria to cause you harm, in fact hundreds of times more bacteria than a toilet seat. So, keep your work area neat.

Keep yourself hydrated
This is crucial to productivity, energy levels and overall health. Water helps you stay alert and fresh, and also promotes clear thinking. Buy at least a two-litre water bottle and keep sipping it throughout the day.

Healthy lunch and snacks
Just like breakfast, you should never skip lunch. In fact, make sure that your lunch pack has some lean protein, salad and fresh veggies along with carbohydrates. Also carry fresh fruit and nuts for snacking every two-three hours. This will keep your blood sugar steady and energy levels up the entire day. Going empty stomach between meals can cause the blood sugar to drop and make you indulge in fast food or sugary treats. Healthy eating habits will give you lasting energy with no afternoon slump, and keep your body healthy.

Take a break and get out
Walks are good at all times, in the morning, during the day and evening and nights as well. So don’t be complacent after having your morning walk. While you are in office during the day, take a few minutes off your work and take a walk, may be around your office building or just up and down the stairs. In summers, you can go out in the sun. This will invigorate your body and calm your mind.

Limit intake of tea/coffee
Drink tea and coffee in moderation, may be two cups a day. And while you are having this, avoid adding sugar. It might not be up to your taste buds, but your body will surely thank you for it.

Stretch it out
Those who work for long hours on computers should do stretching exercises every two hours. Also move your eyes off the computer monitor and rest them a while.
Further, keep your computer monitor at an arm’s length from your eyes. If you are unable to read clearly at that length, increase the font size.

Say no to cigarette
Don’t smoke, even if your best buddy offers you one, even if you have highly stressful work, and even if everyone else in the room is smoking. Nicotine ain’t good and it will damage your body, though you may have a feeling of temporary relaxation after having smoked one.