Speeding train collision kills 20 in Italy

two trains collided in Italy, killing 20 and injuring many in Southern Italy, said Italian officials. Officials are yet to ascertain what has led to the attack.

Speeding train collision kills 20 in Italy

What could have been a smooth train journey turned out disastrous as two speeding trains collided head on, killing 20 and leaving about a dozen seriously injured in Southern Italy on Tuesday.

According to reports, the accident took place when the trains were using a single-track line running between the coastal town of Bari and Barletta. It was unclear as to what could have led to the accident on a clear day; however, human error has not been ruled out.

Corato mayor Massimo Mazzilli said that the smashing carriages had created a mess as would a plane crash. Massive rescue operations are underway.

Prime minister Matteo Renzi cancelled his trip to Milian after hearing the news of the accident. He has called for a thorough investigation. The line managed by Ferrotramviaria is used by thousands on a daily basis.

Italy has witnessed some of the most deadly train accidents in recent past. In June 2009, a freight train carrying liquefied petroleum gas derailed in Viareggio, killing over 30 people. In January 2005, a head-on collision between a passenger and a freight train near Crevalcore, killed 17 and on July 2002, a passenger train derailed in Rometta Messina, killing 8. Incidently, all these accidents have taken place on months starting with 'J.'