Summer Special: Mango Mania

10 Best varieties of mangoes around the world

Summer Special: Mango Mania

Summer is here and needless to say it’s raining mangoes! This juicy fruity treat is in demand all over the world, and is a much deserving king of the fruits, as it is recognised in South Asia. India was the first country to initiate planting of mangoes and is still, by and large, the largest producer and distributor of the world’s finest, most lip smacking variety of mangoes. Here is a list of some of the best mangoes in the world!

  1. Alphonsos


Produced in Maharashtra these Alphonsos are known for their rich flavour and texture. Inviting as they are in their yellow, orange and red skin, these are the most expensive mangoes of the lot.

  1. Chaunsa


Multan and Sahiwal district in Punjab, Pakistan are the main plantation areas for Chaunsa mangoes. They are popular for their soft texture of their pulp. Chaunsa mangoes were Shah Suri’s favourite and hence gained recognition in the subcontinent region because of him. This quality of mango was given the name “Chaunsa” after Shah Suri’s victory over Humayun at Chausa. They are also grown in the part of north India.

  1. Valencia Pride

Valencia Pride

This variety of mango originates from South Florida. It has a rather distinct shape, taste and odour. A mild smell and sweetness, firm texture and a mix of warm shades of colour, Valencia Pride is fibreless in nature.

  1. Badami


Yet again, produced in Karnataka, India, Badami mangoes receive their name because of their shape, which resembles almonds. Almonds, in Hindi, are referred to as “Badam”. The interesting fact is that mangoes belong to the family of nuts such as cashews and pistachios. Badami mangoes are exported worldwide.

  1. Nam Dok Mai


These are the ones, which come to rescue mango lovers when summer is long gone. Grown in Thailand, Nam Dok Mai is fibreless, sweet and has a firm texture.



Named after Sindh in Pakistan, Sindhri mangoes are the national fruit of Pakistan. It’s long and has a curved point, much like the shape of bananas. They are also called Honey Mangoes because of the intensity of their sweetness. However, Sindhris have a short preserving period and have to be consumed well with in 3 days of their purchase.

  1. Kesar


Originating from Gujrat, Kesar mangoes are in demand on a global scale. These petite, spherical bursts of sweetness make for a rather tasty treat.

  1. Madame Francique

Madame Francique

Here’s a mango like no other, with its blend of sweet and spicy flavours Madame Francique is referred to as dessert mangoes as they are largely used for serving as desserts. Grown in Haiti these mangoes are available in different colours ranging from green, to orange, to yellow.

  1. Keitt


Along with having qualities that are beneficial for health, Keitt is also disease resistant, which makes them an easy product to expert. Keitts can be sweet and tangy. They are grown in Miami and are produced in a large quantity, which also serves as an important factor for its commercialisation.