Taunts by friends led brother to kill Qandeel: mother

The 25-year-old celebrity had gained a huge fan base and an equal number of critics for posting risqu� photos and �provocative� videos on social media. But her selfies with a powerful cleric could have led to her killing

Taunts by friends led brother to kill Qandeel: mother


Taunting by friends led my son Muhammad Wasim to take his own sister Qandeel Baloch's life,  their mother Anwar Wai has said.

The mother of the slain Pakistani social media star told AFP by telephone  that Wasim had killed her to save the “honour” of the family.

The 25-year-old model  and singer, originally named Fauzia Azeem had gained a huge fan base and an equal number of critics for risqué photos and “provocative” videos on social media.


The photos on social media had provoked Wasim so much that ended up strangling her on Eid days’ family get together.

“He killed my daughter after being taunted by his friends. They would infuriate him and tell him she is bringing you dishonour,” Wai was quoted as saying by AFP.

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The mother of Qandeel also said that the entire family was dependent on her earnings.  While helping her family, Qandeel was also financially supporting a dozen relatives, she said.

“She was an amazing daughter. I have no words that do her justice, and she took care of us much more than our sons including financially,” she said.


“She would phone us four or five times a day. If she wasn’t able to call one day, she would tell us ‘I’m sorry, I was working’,” She said from the house Qandeel had rented for her family in Multan.

She took her family from a small village in Dera Ghazi Khan to the city for getting better treatment for her father Muhammed Azeem who lost one his foot in an accident.

However, the elderly man who used to live happily in the house, now in his run to the police stations and courts seeking justice for his daughter.

"She used to financially support everyone. When she sent money, they would all come running. Now when Waseem tries to see me at the police station, I don't even want to see his face. How could he kill his own sister so brutally?"  Azeem was quoted as saying by the BBC.

He also said that Waseem used to live away from the family. He came to their house on Eid days, when he knew that Qandeel is coming to spend her Eid  with family.


He also suspects that Waseem might had put some sedatives to their bed time milk, so that they would not hear her cries.

"She must have cried out. She must have called her mother, she must have called out to her father, and we were sleeping like the dead," he cries.

The murder of Qandeel is expected to help pass the long-awaited legislation against "honour killing" in Pakistan parliament.

Law Minister Zahid Hamid has recently said that the Bill will be presented in front of a joint sitting of Pakistan's Senate and the National Assembly early next month.

"There have been provisions in the (existing) law that the accused have utilized to escape punishment. This has given us a bad image in Pakistan and internationally," Hamid told CNN.

The suspicious death of British woman Samia Shahid at her ancestral village in Pakistan this week is a "honour killing", her husband has said in his complaint to the police.

Over a 1000 women are killed in Pakistan every year in "honour killings". An equal number of murders are recorded in neighbouring India too, a non governmental has recorded.