Tea Tree oil: Did you know of all its benefits?

Tea tree oil has many benefits and can be used in many ways. Read article to know how it helps....

Tea Tree oil: Did you know of all its benefits?


Tea tree oil is a blessing! This oil is a gift from nature and has many healing abilities too.

Relieves Psoriasis


The oil if applied in the areas of red, scaly patches gives relief. It eases the irritation and helps in healing the effective area. Thanks to tea tree oil’s anti-inflammatory properties that gives us relief.  You may mix it with coconut oil and moisturize skin. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil in your bath or body lotion bottles.

Tea Tree Oil for Acne


You can clear your acne by treating it with tea tree oil. Stay away from sun if you have applied it on your face and do not overuse it. It is one of the effective home remedies.

Clears Sore throats


Put a drop of tea tree oil into a glass of warm water with some salt. Stir it and gargle. It draws excess water out of the mucous membranes that can create pressure.

Helps in toenail fungus


It is more like an antifungal cream. Twice a day, apply a drop or two of pure tea tree oil to the discolored nail.

Acts as a makeup remover


Use Canola oil with tea tree oil. Preserve it in an air tight lid jar. Dab the cotton ball with the oil and remove the make up applied in your face. Rinse well with warm water and do not forget to tone and moisturize it.

Beautiful Hair


It is very beneficial for your hair and scalp. Tea tree oil is stronger than the coconut oil. It gives you relief from dry and flaky scalp. It prevents lice from attacking your scalp.

Oral Health


Tea tree oil can be used along with our toothpaste. It wards off the bad bacteria and naturally cures bad breath. Tea tree reduces the bleeding of gums and tooth decays.

We now can use this gift of nature and it is never too late to start using it..