These bedtime habits will help you sleep better....

Facing difficulties sleeping? Read further to find out bedtime habits that guarantee good sleep...

These bedtime habits will help you sleep better....


Are you familiar to situations where you want to sleep but just cant? Surely you must've tried listening to music, playing games on your phone, tab or even counting sheep to get to the zzzz mode. How about cultivating few habits that would eventually drive you to some peaceful and uninterrupted sleep?

Scheduling sleep timings


Get in bed at the same time irrespective of feeling sleepy or not. Doing this sets your body's internal schedules and pushes you to sleep. It will take a while but this will eventually work. Keep a track on the timings and you will know your sleep pattern.

Darker rooms invites sleep


If you spend your evening hours in a bright room, chances are you will miss out on melatonin release.  Melatonin is a hormone that anticipates the daily onset of darkness. It is produced when the sun goes down or when darkness occurs. It's levels in blood rises and catching sleep becomes inviting.



Physical activity has many advantages to help you sleep better. Vigorous exercises definitely ensure quick sleep. Light exercises also help you to relax and get your brain closer to the sleepy zone. Breathing exercises are an added advantage.

Healthy dinner


Alcohol, cheese, sodas, nuts, citrus contained foods and coffee are not advised for dinners. Having small quantity of string cheese can make you feel sleepy. You may have some cereals, greek yoghurt, light meats, apples and carrots. You can have them as a late night snack as well and it would not interrupt your sleeping habits.

Clean and comfortable pillows, blankets and mattresses? Check!


Make sure to dust the mattresses, pillows and blankets. This will help you sleep better sans irritants. When you keep your sleeping area clean, your mind automatically adjusts to the ambiance and foresees your potential sleep space.

Sleep has to be a priority and this routine will give your day a fresh start. It plays a crucial role in your physical and mental health. So get your sleep right!