These diet food items can actually make you fat, obese

Is your diet plan not helping you shed weight? Are wrong food items present in the list of diet the culprits? Find out where you're going wrong when dieting ....

These diet food items can actually make you fat, obese


We do a lot to shed those extra pounds. We replace the junk food that we love with salads, bland and oh-not-so-tasty foods but still we don't get the desired results. One question remains to be answered: Are we replacing the right food? Here is the list of diet foods that you can write off now!

Fruit Juices


Fruit juices are considered healthy and a must in the diet lists. However, this is not true most of the time. There might be only syrups , coloured water, sweeteners and fruit-flavoured chemicals used in these juices. Always prepare your own fruit juice if you want to include them in your diet.

Diet drinks


These frizzy drinks that comes in labeled as Diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners contain more sugar than the regular carbonated ones. The truth is you won't weigh less after replacing your normal drinks with these diet ones.

Brown Bread


Well, brown breads are considered a healthier option than white breads. This is not completely true. Whole wheat breads may not contain the goodness of whole wheat completely. It shoots up blood sugar levels. Though it contains more nutrients and fiber, these breads are prepared with soaked and sprouted grains which is not good for your health.

Low-Fat Yogurt


Yogurt is healthy. But if you are having a low-fat yogurt, then you must know that the good contents are removed and replaced with something that is not good for health. Low-fat yogurt is often consumed more than the usual yogurts because we believe that the yogurt does not contain fat. Isn't marketing done well here?

Granola bars


Healthy? Yes, only with their natural ingredients that includes: oats, nuts, honey, rice. If you are having the granola bars then they belong under processed foods. These processed food contain oils and sugar for which it would come upto 600 calories!

So everyone, it's not too late. Lets get back to eating real healthy foods that will actually help us to shed weight.


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