These five fruits make you look younger and slow ageing

Look younger and healthier with these anti-ageing fruits.

These five fruits make you look younger and slow ageing

No one wants to age at all, forget gracefully, but we all know that it is inevitable. Many times you must have looked at those celebrities who seem to to not age at all or get better as they age and think "is it magic potion?" However it is well known how these celebrities go under the knife as they can afford it to maintain their good looks. If you want to do it the natural way then a great deal of effort is needed along with healthy eating.

Presenting you the Fabulous 5! These fruits will definitely help your skin get the glow you have always wanted. You many slice them and dice them for the sheer benefit of younger looking skin. Check out the list below:


This fruit is a pro when it comes to skin. This delicious fruit is loaded with powerful antioxidants that makes it a natural anti-ageing agent. They nourish the skin and avoid the damage. Vitamin C plays a key role here and it helps  to make the skin naturally strong. The seeds of pomegranate act as an excellent natural aid for exfoliating dead cells presented on skin.




The entire fruit is edible including the thick green skin that usually ends up in the bin. This mouth watering red fruit is a natural astringent that boosts the appearance of our skin by acting as a natural toner and hydrates our skin. If your skin is prone to acne, massage your skin with it's juice everyday. It treats the sunburns  and even decreases the size of the skin pores that minimize excessive oil.


KiwiAnd the award for world's healthiest fruit goes to... Kiwi! You have read it that's right. To prove this point, I have interesting points on kiwi. This tasty fruit acts as a slow anti- ageing agent and shoos off the diseases. It keeps the skin vibrant and rejuvenates it. It helps with the skin blemishes and rosacea ( redness on face parts, tiny bumps and pimples on faces, burning and soreness in eyes).  Through kiwi seeds you will receive antioxidants in the form of Vitamin E. (Ok.. wow!)



Even the peel of banana helps your skin.  When rubbing the peel on your face, it absorbs the vitamins and nutrients of it and protects you from premature ageing with the heavy manganese and antioxidant contents. It gives you a glowing skin, which tends to look youthful. Banana's , once smashed are used as face packs leaving your skin revitalized and letting the wonders work.



This delicious fruits speeds up the Vitamin C. It brightens and lightens your skin with its high content of collagen and elastic which helps in keeping your skin flawless. Therefore, this red fruit provides you with a rosy, youthful glow forever. Apple contains UVB defending particles and protects you from sun rays. Placing the slices under your eyes can even reduce dark circles and puffy eyes.