These food items help boost metabolism

Decrease your dress size with these Metabolism boosting foods. Find out what to eat to increase metabolism which helps lose fat.

These food items help boost metabolism

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Burning calories depends upon your activities and food intake. Eating often in small portions helps you lose weight than eating large meals. These food items will help you boost your stubborn metabolism.



Avocados are masters of weight loss. It lowers the bad cholesterol LDL and reduces the risk of heart. Sources even say that Avocados have helped many in reducing the belly fat. They alert the actions that are happening inside your body.



They are the perfect snack for weight loss. They are not high nor low in calories and have good amount of fiber giving your stomach a fuller feeling and leaving you energized. Vitamin E is found in Almonds that lowers bad cholesterol, LDL rapidly.



This is one of the best fruits to reduce weight. It helps speeding up weight loss. Apples are quick in boosting your metabolism. Starting your day with an apple, reduces your appetite.

Egg whites


They are full of proteins and vitamin D. They consist of 17 calories, while the whole egg consist of 71 calories. The whites of an egg do not contain carbohydrates or sugar.



Rather than going for attractive looking oats, artificially flavoured and sweetened, opt for plain oats. This makes a healthy breakfast. Half cup of dry oats is advisable on a daily basis.

Green tea


Sipping green tea will decrease your appetite. This hot liquid, helps in losing weight by melting down your fat. Having 3-4 cups of green tea can burn upto 70 calories.

Black coffee

black coffee

It rises up the metabolism rate in your body. While having coffee, do not add creamers or skim milk since they contain sugar which restricts your body from burning the fat.



This not only benefits physically but also mentally.  The iron present in Spinach is good for the blood and makes metabolism react quicker. Do not forget to add spinach to your salads.

So begin your day with these foods and see the changes happening. Good luck!


Tip: Too much intake of the below foods or any food will add up the calories and may result in failure in losing weight. Never skip the breakfast as that is a must!