#WonderHowTo: Make your iPhone read books, articles aloud

The method uses iPhone's accessibility features to get the smartphone to speak all text on screen — not just one glance, it scrolls too

You  often read ebooks on iPhone while you eat, walk and even talk to other people. But this can lead you in trouble sometimes. Won’t it be wonderful if you can get your iPhone to read out the text while you eat or are with someone?

The method uses the iPhone’s accessibility features to get it to speak all text on screen — not just one glance, it scrolls too.

Here are the steps to enable your iPhone do that:

Enable ‘Speak Screen’

First go to Settings app, then select through General -> Accessibility -> Speech. From there, enable “Speak Screen.”

This feature is an advanced application for who have bad eyesight and vision impairment.

The next step is simple:

Swipe Down from Top of Your Screen with Two Fingers

First upload the page you want to read. After loading start swiping down, then it will automatically start to read the article and playback options will come after a while. Playback option lets you hear it louder and you can pause/play and can do anything.

Change Talkback Voice

Here, you can choose the language, you can choose the voice style you want to here. with this, it’s all about how you want to listen to a story or an article.