Failed coup attempt leaves 161 dead in Turkey, Black stain for democracy says prime minister

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has said the situation is largely under control and 130 people have been arrested so far
Turkey Coup

Turkey prime minister  Binali Yildirim has said a coup attempt by a faction of the Army is over which left 161 dead . 3000 rebel army men have been arrested.

In a television address he said the coup attempt as the black stain for democracy and said the plotters face justice they deserve.

Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan  blamed the ongoing coup attempt in his country on the movement led by Turkey’s Islamic scholar Fethullah Gulen now living in the US state of Pennsylvania.

President, soon after he landed at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport earlier on Saturday, said the resort town of Marmaris in southwestern Turkey was bombed as the attackers thought he “was still there”.

The Turkish leader also revealed that his secretary general was taken away. “What are you going to do with my secretary general?” he asked.

Earlier, one of the helicopters being flown by forces involved in the coup attempt was shot down over Ankara.

A no-fly zone over Ankara has been declared.

However, the whereabouts of the military chief of staff remains unknown and sporadic gunfire is still reported in major cities, the BBC noted.

According to CNN, Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport has reopened and news channels have begun broadcasting again, after being temporarily shut down by soldiers earlier in the night.