Turkish PM says failed coup is over, 161 killed

Speaking outside his Cankaya palace in Ankara, Y?ld?r?m said that 1,440 people had been wounded and the 161 toll did not include the assailants

Turkish PM says failed coup is over, 161 killed

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım has announced that the failed coup bid by a small group of the country’s military was over. He termed the attempt as a “black stain” on the nation’s democracy.

He said 161 people were killed in the coup attempt against the government. Some 2,839 soldiers were detained on the grounds of suspicion.

Speaking outside his Cankaya palace in Ankara, Yıldırım said that 1,440 people had been wounded and the death toll of 161 did not include the coup plotters.

Addressing the media person, Yıldırım warned the plotters of the coup a very harsh punishment.

He also said that the Turkish government will rethink about reintroducing the capital punishment in the country, so that the government can execute the plotters of the coup.

The Prime Minister praised civilians and military person who stood by the government to bring the situation under control soon.

Ümit Dündar, the acting chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said that 47 of the killed were civilians.

Terming the coup an utter failure, Ümit said that the army had “irreversibly closed the chapter of military coups”.

He said that the people have taken to the streets and voiced their support for democracy.

“Turkey displayed a historic cooperation between the government and the people. The nation will never forget this betrayal. Turkey has irreversibly closed the chapter of military coups,” he said.

He also stated that 104 coup plotters were killed and the armed forces is determined to remove members of the Gülen movement, who were reportedly behind the coup bid,  from their ranks.

Gulen, a cleric from Turkey, who now lives in Pennsylvania, US in a self-imposed exile has distanced himself and his group which is called "Hizmet" from the coup bid and has condemned  all sorts of attempts to destabilize Turkey.

“We will continue to serve the people. I would like to thank all political parties and the media for their support for democracy. Those who betrayed their country will not go unpunished,” Ümit added.

Earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had said those behind the coup, would pay “a heavy price.”

“Turkey has a democratically elected government and president. We are in charge and we will continue exercising our powers until the end. We will not abandon our country to these invaders. It will end well,” he stated.

Turkey has been under constant attacks from multiple corner in the past few months. The country's biggest airport was recently attacked by ISIS, which left 42 killed. The Turkish capital Ankara was also targeted by the Islamic States a couple of weeks back.

The Turkish lira  has declined 5% against the U.S. dollar.

The dollar was last up 4.72 percent against the lira.