Twilight star Kristen Stewart confesses affair with Alicia Cargile

After keeping it secret for long, Twilight star Kristen Stewart finally revealed her hidden relationship with girl friend Alicia Cargile.

Twilight star Kristen Stewart confesses affair with Alicia Cargile

The lead actress of the Twilight Saga has usually always been secretive about her personal life. Even though she and Alicia Cargile have previously been seen together, holding hands in public, which raised many eyebrows, Kristen stayed mum about the whole situation.

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Due to a change in mind of Kristen Stewart’s opinion she finally decided to make her relationship and her sexual preferences public. Kristen told Elle Magazine she is all set to change and “alter how I approach being in public”.

The 26 year old actress also lets out her secret about Alicia and her having an on-and-off relationship. But she went on to add “Right now I’m just really in love with my girlfriend”. She has also expressed her frustration with the way celebrities are made to behave in a manner because of the audiences’ expectations from them.

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After all that she has already said, there was no point in filtering or keeping hush about her and Robert Pattinson’s five year long relationship, which came to an end after she was found cheating on him. She conveyed that she hated the things they had done by trivializing the situations that they were in.

Considering that LGBT rights are now legalized all over the United States, it does not seem like a big deal for yet another Hollywood actress to have confessed about her sexuality. Nonetheless, it is a rather big news because the actress found the courage to open up about a part of her life that she had kept hidden, for long. Having another role model to look up to is not a bad thing for all those people belonging to the LGBT community who, even today, have to face a lot of pressure that the society burdens them with. Kristen spoke on the issue of LGBT rights and said that even though the world has come far from what it use to be, there is much work needed to be done to improve the quality of life for those from the LGBT community.