Twitter hashtags preyed on beach photos of women, says activist

Following ban of Milo Yiannopoulos, a Twitter user has found hashtags with thousands of images of women taken while taking bath in beach.
Twitter faces another charge.

A Twitter user has found objectionable hashtags with thousands of images of women taken while taking bath in beaches, showing them wearing only bare minimum dress.

The incident was brought to the light by Yevgeniya Ivanyutenko from Canada, last month, when she came across the controversial and notorious hashtags.

She alleged that despite her attempts to alert the Twitter community by taking the matter to Twitter’s @Support account, about the sexist and abuse behavior, she received only error messages from the micro-blogging site.
She added, more than 35,000 posts and retweets were being posted to the controversial hashtags during the last six years.

The incident has stirred a storm in the social media, in the wake of the recent barring of conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos from Twitter who targeted women celebrities . The incident has invited wrath from activists who criticized the man for his “targeted abuse online”.

However, in April last alone, it had witnessed a tremendous activity of the people sending and posting photos and images of women.

Mostly male and teenaged users were found to post and retweet on these two hashtags, she added. The users mostly were from US,Mexico, Brazil and UK, she said.

Ivanyutenko said “a whole underground community for trading these pics” has been doing the mischief.

“I got a response from one of the guys posting before he blocked me… saying that what he’s doing is under ‘free speech’,” she added.

One such account reportedly made a request to all the user to 112,000 followers to send “creepshots” which are “good enough to tweet or post” on the site.

Last week, Twitter has banned the controversial journalist Yiannopoulos, considered as Twitter’s frequent abusive user for his tirades against the actor Leslie Jones.

A spokesperson from Twitter said, following the Yiannopoulos ban, it will take more action against abusers who use its platform to vent their anger against some one. (IANS)