Twitter Reacts to Qandeel Baloch’s Death

There's outrage on one end and inhumane opinions on the other, here's to Qandeel trending on social media, yet again and for the last time

The death of Qandeel Baloch, a social media celebrity has received much attention on twitter. Tweeters have expressed mixed views on her murder along with highlighting the issues of honour killing, women’s rights and the culture of male chauvinism in the conservative community that Pakistan is. While some have expressed great dismay and disappointment, others support the criminal acts performed by Qandeel Baloch’s unapologetic brother, Wasim Azeem.

Wasim, who was arrested by the police in Darken Wala, Multan, confesses that he is a drug addict and says that he drugged his sister and suffocated her to death. He stands by his acts and is convinced that he has served his family and brought honour to the Baloch community. On the other hand, the mourning father of the siblings expresses that his daughter was a strong woman and he will not forgive his son for killing her. There was a protest against honour killing at Qandeel’s funeral and many have blamed the Ministry of interiors for failing to perform their duties and give Qandeel the security that she had requested.

Here are the opinions of people who conveyed their condolences and disappointments: