UAE based students can now work in private sectors

UAE government declares that students in UAE are permitted to work in private sector and will be issued different kinds of work permits.

UAE based students can now work in private sectors

According to the new decree, which was set in motion by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, students in UAE can now obtain work permits and undertake training, as well as jobs in private sector. The declaration was made on Wednesday, 13 July 2016.

The decree allows, students residing in UAE, between 12-18 years, to be appointed by private sectors for training purposes. Moreover, youngsters between the age of 15-18 years can apply for one year’s work permit.

Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Saqr Ghobash Saedd Ghobash said, “The decree comes in the framework of carrying out tasks assigned to the ministry in terms of labor market management in accordance with the vision of the future government to develop human resource and invest their capabilities so as to enhance productivity and participation in the labor market.”

The government has introduced three kinds of work permits for students under the decree; temporary work permit, part time work permit and juvenile work permit. Each can be bought at the cost of Dhs 500. The students are also required to submit a no-objection-certificate (NOC) provided by their parents. These permits will be issued by Tas’heel service centres and can also be obtained through the ministry’s official mobile phone application.

  1. Temporary Work Permit

Companies are allowed to appoint national and expatriate students who are having a temporary work permit. It is not necessary for students to be registered under the ministry’s database. However, they are barred from working in projects, which are more than six months.

  1. Part Time Work Permit

Holders of part time work permit can work for a short period of hours as compared to their colleagues who are appointed full-time. These students can be employed only for a year.

  1. Juvenile Work Permit

Similar to the holders of part time work permit holders, companies can hire students between the 15 to 18 years on full-time basis for one year.

On the other hand, the ministry has listed down 31 registered sectors in which students cannot be employed. Strict rules have been laid down addressing that the students are allowed to all the benefits, which the company offers to its permanent employees. Additionally, companies are not allowed to make the students work for over four consecutive hours in a day and it is mandatory for the companies to give them an hour’s break for lunch and praying. Students can be made to work for only six hours, added the Ministry officials.