UAE national detained in US for wearing traditional robe

In a shocking incident, a UAE businessman Ahmed al-Menhali was arrested for appearing in traditional attire in US.

UAE national detained in US for wearing traditional robe

A UAE national, Ahmed al-Menhali, was detained by US police for wearing traditional robes in a hotel at Avon, Ohio on Wednesday.

The 41-year-old businessman was confronted at gun point, when relatives of a female hotel staff made emergency calls to police. They suspected him for an IS supporter and alleged he was carrying many cell phones, said the police later.

Menhali was ordered to lie down and drop his mobile phone, before the police began searching him. A police video released online showed him repeatedly asking why police is searching him. Following the incident, he suffered a panic attack and was rushed to a local hospital.

Avon Mayor Bryan Jensen later apologised to Menhali, saying some false accusations have been made against them, which are regrettable. US Ambassador to the UAE, Barbara Leaf, termed the incident highly regrettable.
Following the incident, UAE asked its citizens not to wear their traditional attire outside the Arab region.