UFC 201: Tyron Woodley knocks out Robbie Lawler in Round 1

It was a quick fight. In fact, the fastest knock out in welterweight title history.

Tyron Woodley knocked out defending welterweight champ Robbie Lawler in the first round, claiming victory over the title on Saturday at the UFC 201, Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was a quick fight. In fact, the fastest knock out in welterweight title history. In the first round, the two close in. Woodley throws a few punches which Lawler manages to stay away from. The two get into a clinch. They are separated by the referee. Few moments later a barrage of vicious blows from Woodley submits Lawler to the canvas floor.

By winning the fight, Woodley becomes the seventh person to win a full UFC belt in 2016.

A fighter and a survivor in the UFC ring, Lawler fell for Woodley’s feint. “It is what it is,” Lawler said. “He feinted me, my head went down and he threw a punch over the top and he caught me. I expected that kind of stuff, but I was sitting back a little too much, not moving, and he took advantage.” Yahoo Sports quoted Lawler as saying.

“We just knew that Robbie would be well prepared for the takedown,” Woodley said. “We knew that he would be hitting me with knees and uppercuts and be aggressive in defending, so I used a little speed and a feint to close the gap.
“I caught him with the right hand. Something told me that right hand was going to be open and I went for it,” the sports site quoted the new champ.

After the win, Woodley has called for a fight against Nick Diaz at the UFC 202. Diaz, a onetime title challenger, is expected to be cleared to fight beginning next month after serving an 18-month suspension for his third positive marijuana test, which stemmed from a fight with Anderson Silva at UFC 183 in January 2015.

Of late, UFC has seen unexpected title changes and Saturday’s UFC 201 was no exception. It has become difficult for defending champions to defend their titles.

Does Woodley’s know what’s coming in the future?


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