US dragged UK into Iraq war, says EX-UK ambassador to UN

US had pushed UK into Iraq war too early and without preparations, said former UK envoy to UN, Sir Jeremy Greenstock in the wake of Chilcot report, which was published on Wednesday.

Chilcot report finds faults with Blair's war plans.

United States had pushed United Kingdom into Iraq war too early, according to Sir Jeremy Greenstock, former British ambassador to the United Nations in 2003. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair wanted a UN resolution before taking military action against Iraq, but US administration regarded it a waste of time, Jeremy told BBC in the wake of Chilcot report, which was published on Wednesday.

The report compiled by chairman of the UK’s Iraq War inquiry, Sir John Chilcot has blamed the Blair administration severely, saying that Blair administration had sent ill-prepared forces into Iraq war. Blair had ‘inadequate plans’ to face consequences of the war, added the report which took seven years to compile.

The military action was not the “last resort” presented to public and MP’s at that time, and Britain felt there was no ‘”imminent threat” from Saddam, added Sir John.

Blair was of the opinion that Saddam would change his aggressive stance, before US and UK carry out a military action, said the former ambassador.

However, US officials including former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld insisted on declaring war on Iraq, said General Tim Cross, who was involved in Britain’s war preparations.