US election 2016: Bernie Sanders backs Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton got a shot in her arm, when Bernie Sanders endorsed her on Tuesday. Sanders said, Hillary is the best candidate to address the issues of voters.

US election 2016: Bernie Sanders backs Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s campaign received another boost on Tuesday, when her former rival Bernie Sanders endorsed her. Sanders, a former Senator said, he will do everything to make sure that Hillary becomes the Democratic nominee for the Presidential race, reported BBC.

Sanders said, Hillary is the ideal candidate to resolve the present political crisis in the US. Hillary alone can address the issues of people added Sanders. He added he will press Hillary to adopt his stand on education, wages and health care.

However, Sanders admitted that he and Hillary Clinton disagree on various issues. Democracy is all about accepting diverse opinions and working together to achieve the goals, enphasised Sanders.

Sanders, said the campaign has brought him and Hillary together, adding that that it was a great moment in his life.

Sanders continued to linger on the Democratic race for many weeks, though his supporters realised that he has no chance to get the minimum number of delegates to back him. In his speech, the former Presidential candidate focused on hiking minimum wages, rebuilding infrastructure, cheaper education, reforming the health sector and protecting the environment.

He made it clear that Hillary, can alone bring a change in US. Sanders, said he is trying to bring a revolution in the Democratic Party by pushing it to the Left, saying that the party office bearers are going forward with his plan.

However, Hillary made the best from his endorsement, as it signals a unifying moment for the Democrats as the former rivals hugged for a moment. Some of the Sanders supporters were seen walking out or shouting at Sanders, but the Democrats, wary of facing the Republican Trump seem to back Hillary until the general election.

Responding to the endorsement, Donald Trump, the major Republican nominee, tweeted Sanders has sold himself to Hillary.

Trump said, Sanders who took a stand against special interests is now backing one who stood for special interests.