US Republican convention opens on a chaotic note

Anti-Trump Republicans were outraged by the likelihood of their party being led by a man who described Mexicans as rapists and advocated banning Muslims.

US Republican convention opens on a chaotic note

The US Republican convention started on a chaotic note on Monday as anti-Trump supporters disrupted his nomination as the party’s White House nominee.

Anti-Trump Republicans were outraged by the likelihood of their party being led by a man who described Mexicans as rapists and advocated banning Muslims and expressed dissent when procedural machinations denied them a chance to register their discontent, AFP reported.

"We deserve to be heard, this is the people's convention!" said Diana Shores a delegate from Virginia, while pro-Trump delegates tried to drown out the rebels with shouts of "Shame! Shame!"

The chaotic scenes continued but after two votes, delegates at the National Convention were able to approve the rules that would govern the convention, according to ABC7 News.

On Tuesday, the roll call of states is set to unfold, delivering the delegates to make Trump the standard-bearer after a successful primary season that saw him defeat 16 rivals.

According to ABC7 News, Monday's floor flight gave way to a lineup of hard-edged, prime-time speeches in which Republicans painted a grim picture of the country's future and an even darker view of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

The Convention which started on July 18 is aimed at Americans to "get to know Donald Trump, the man" rather than Trump the candidate.

A "different and new image" of 70-year-old Trump, a successful businessman and a great human being, would be narrated through the personal stories of people who have known him and worked with him throughout the past several decades and along with his own family members, his campaign manager Paul Manafort said.
Manafort said the line to speakers have been selected in such a way so that "Americans would get to know Trump the man" and not the candidate. "They're going to see more of the man. I mean, they've seen him on the campaign trail, but they haven't seen him in the back, in the boardrooms. They haven't seen him up close and personal. They have a perspective of the man, but this convention is going to focus on the whole part of the personality," Manafort said.

In an unconventional move, Trump appeared on the very first night of the Republican National Convention to introduce his wife Melania who delivered a speech to make a strong pitch for her husband before the American public.

Main speakers at the Convention were Melania Trump, Lieutenant General (retd) Michael Flynn, Senator Joni Ernst, Jason Beardsley and Congressman Ryan Zinke. "A Donald Trump administration will listen to and learn from our nation's heroes who have put themselves in harm's way and pursued a national security strategy and foreign policy that will strengthen our military and make America safe again," the Republican Convention said in a statement.

"You're going to have his family speaking. You're going to have friends who have known him speaking. You're going to have people who have worked with him both inside the company and outside of the company. And so you're going to see how he has built his successful empire," Manafort said. Strongly refuting the allegations that the party is divided, Manafort said the Republican's were united under Trump.
India as US’s geopolitical ally
Republican Party has in its manifesto affirmed India as its "geopolitical ally", urging the protection of different religious communities against violence and discrimination. It has also referred to "securing Pakistan's nuclear arsenal".

"India is our geopolitical ally and a strategic trading partner. The dynamism of its people and the endurance of their democratic institutions are earning their country a position of leadership not only in Asia but throughout the world," read the 58-page manifesto released on the opening day of its three-day National Convention here on Monday evening.

The platform encouraged the Indian government to permit expanded foreign investment and trade as "the key to rising living standards for those left out of their country's energetic economy".

The Republicans hailed the contributions made to the US by Indian Americans.

The platform also referred to Pakistan, stressing on the importance of a working relation which was "absolutely necessary", and "we look toward the renewal of historic ties that have been framed under the weight of international conflict".

It condemned the conflicts in the Middle East that have created "special political and military challenges for the people of Pakistan."

The platform said the US along with Afghanistan and Pakistan shared a common interest in getting ridding the region of the Taliban and securing Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.

"That goal has been undermined by the current Administration’s feckless treatment of troop commitments and blatant disregard of advice from commanders on the ground, particularly with regard to Afghanistan," it said, slamming the Obama Administration.

"This process cannot progress as long as any citizen of Pakistan was punished for helping the war on terror," it added.

The platform went on to say a "Republican president will work with all regional leaders to restore mutual trust while insisting upon progress against corruption."

The convention began on Monday night in Cleveland, Ohio, with some 5,000 delegates representing the country's 50 states, the District of Colombia and five US territories. They will decide the party's presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump's future as the leader of the country.