Video: Fire engulfs 75-storey Dubai skyscraper, no casualty reported

A 75-storey Dubai skyscraper caught fire today in Dubai. No casualty reported in the incident, says BBC.

Video: Fire engulfs 75-storey Dubai skyscraper, no casualty reported

 A massive fire broke out in a 75-storey Dubai skyscraper in downtown Dubai today, according to the BBC. The fire was first reported about 2:48 pm local time and soon spread to more than 10 storeys of the mammoth Sulafa tower in Marina district, added BBC.

No casualties were reported.

Authorities have removed all the dwellers from the inferno site. The residents were also asked to vacate from nearby buildings. The exact cause of the fire has not yet been reported. According to the local media, the fire at the point of its origin was contained, but a second fire broke out in a different corner soon after in the same building.

Reports from the site, also say that a similar fire had occurred in the same building about four years back.

The fire fighters were able to contain the fire in the building apartment effectively. However, burning debris were seen to be scattered all over the ground, according to eye witnesses.

China's official media Xinhua said, an Arab national in the 285-metre-tall building said, he managed to escape with all his belongings. He added that dwellers in the building were able to escape after fire alarm went off.

Dubai Police have completely barricaded the area of the site and advised all drivers coming from different directions to take other routes to make way for fire brigades and ambulances, which are engaged in rescue mission.

The intensity of the fire was massive say eyewitnesses, who said more than 10 fire trucks were engaged by the fire brigade to douse the flames. Media has pointed out that Dubai witnessed multiple fire mishaps in last few years.

The most severest among had occurred on the New Year's Eve, when a 63-storey apartment building caught fire at Address Hotel.residence block caught fire and 16 people suffered minor injuries.

The United Arab Emirates has recently upgraded a a safety code for new buildings urging all buildings over 15m (50ft) tall to have mandatory fire-resistant exterior cladding. However, it is not applicable for all the older buildings in the UAE.