Video: Upcoming Apple iPhone 7 revealed in this leaked footage

Watch the video that reveals how the upcoming Apple smartphone iPhone 7 which is to be launched on September 2016 would look like and what all speculations and rumors about the device are true. The leaked footage compares it to the iPhone 6s.

Video: Upcoming Apple iPhone 7 revealed in this leaked footage

A new video has surfaced on YouTube purportedly showing the upcoming smartphone by Apple, the iPhone 7 all set to be launched in September 2017. The leaked footage uploaded on 17 July has already garnered over half a million views and compares the iPhone 7 with its predecessor iPhone 6s. Watch the video at the end of the article for all the details about the next Apple smartphone - iPhone 7.

There were some discussions in the internet backed up by some video grabs released  from some Chinese companies that claimed to have provided technical inputs for the iPhone 7 to Apple. They speculated that the next model is likely to have fingerprint scanner, which has been designed into into the smartphone's display screen itself. There were also rumours that Apple had plans to do away with the home button. The new video available on the internet has now confirmed the speculation by leading Tech websites.

The video available on YouTube shows how the new iPhone 7  would appear in its design. It will also give you an idea about all those unique features, you might have heard about the upcoming Apple smartphone. The YouTube video will definitely give you an insight on what you have been expecting from the iPhone 7.

However, it will be interesting to know that the new iPhone 7 may not have standard headphone jack.  The video also reveals that a subtle change in its design as the camera slightly protrudes on the backside of the new mobile phone. It also gives you indication that the new version is likely to have more upgraded storage capacity than previous models.

The Apple patent mentions how your iPhone would be able to detect, the way you are holding the device in your hand, accordingly, it will automatically move its interface elements to help you access optimal thumb reach. If you want to use left hand, automatically buttons will move to the left side. Or if you want your thumb near the bottom right, you can immediately change the buttons.

Above all, Apple claims it can incorporate all these features using its existing iPhone hardware. That means all this mechanism of smart UI shifting can now become just a simple update away only.

We are informed that iPhone 7 is likely to be short and chubby, but we found something new about it, which remained hidden inside the phone: a bigger battery.

The unique OnLeaks Twitter account will provide an authentic source for Apple info before its launch. Now it has reported that iPhone 7 may have a larger battery. Most likely, it will be a 1960mAh, when compared to the 1715mAh model battery of iPhone 6s. can not verify the authenticity of this video.

Country Tentative price of iPhone 7 (16 GB/32 GB)
United States $800-$900
United Kingdom £500- £550
Australia A$ 1100-A$1200
Canada C$ 1050- C$1200