Video: Wonder Woman Trailer has lot of action and suspense sans historical accuracy

The trailer video of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot has been released. Take a look...

Video: Wonder Woman Trailer has lot of action and suspense sans historical accuracy

A breathtaking trailer of the adventure movie Wonder Woman has been been released on Saturday. This action packed trailer on this saga of the adventures of the Amazonian warrior is currently trending all over the world. This adventure movie is directed by Patty Jenkins and has Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) in the lead role.

Gal Gadot comfortably handles the role of the Amazon warrior-beauty in the movie.

The trailer opens with the astonishment on the face of the gorgeous Wonder Woman, as she finds a World War I aircraft pilot(Chris Pine) washed ashore on the beaches of her Amazon kingdom inhabited by only women. It is clearly vivid on her face at her first experience meeting the other sex, as she exclaims, "Oh, so you are a man."

This amazing trailer shows the transformations that takes place in the life of character Diana, who has lived her adult life with a group of Amazon tribes on a women-only distant island. The film dwells with her amazing journey as she embarks up on an epic saga of war, deceit and revenge to become the legendary fighter Wonder Woman and jumps into war with her adversaries.

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior,' the trailer's official tagline states.

She is now convinced about the threat posed to her isolated Island from the imminent consequences of the war, that has been raging all over. Determined to save her people from the dangers, she makes her journey into the world by transforming into the epic 'Wonder Woman."

The trailer has lot of memeorable  stuff to offer for those who like lot of comics, but it is a big disappointment for historians, who want to see it in realistically. But if you are a fan of dare-devil stuns and enjoy adventure scenes, you can go ahead for the movie.

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