Ways to Crack a Facebook Password without software & How to Protect Yourself from Them

This method works 100 per cent! Just follow these steps and do whatever you want to with the Facebook password

Ways to Crack a Facebook Password without software & How to Protect Yourself from Them

First things first!

So we always warned that ' Somebody is watching you'.

On that note, let's take the case of your Facebook account - you share every single thing you going through and you make and you message people about your personal things and all.

So, what if somebody cracks all that and publishes or blackmails you?

Let's have glance on how you can secure your password and same time how you crack it also ;)

Best way to "hack" into a Facebook account is through resetting the password.

  • Getting an Email ID is not a task. Just  check a Facebook page in the Contact Info section.

  • Then when you type a random password,  Forgotten your password? option will come and type in the victim's email. Then confirm 'This is my account'

  • Next step of 'resetting password' won't help

  • It will now ask How can we reach you?
    Type in an email that you have that also isn't linked to any other Facebook account.

  • Then some random questions about the people will come up. If you know some key details, this step will be easy.

  • If you don't figure out the question, you can click on Recover your account with help from friends. This allows you to choose between three and five friends.

So do whatever you want to do with it.

And now you know how people do this, so take precaution for this!

Good luck!

Step 1: Enter The Facebook ID URL OF Person You Want To Hack
Step 2: Press Connect - server will connect to Hacking module
Step 3: Enter The Reason OF Hacking(Just For Human Verification) press HACK NOW button
Step 4: Get your Token ID
Step 5: Paste your Token to the TOKEN ID field
Step 6: Press activate
Step 7: Done...
Step 8: You will get the password Easily


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