Why google is giving out free gas, coffee and burgers in California

Google is offering free gas, burgers and coffee to people travelling between Los Angeles California and Las Vegas. Find out why and also know where to get it...

Why google is giving out free gas, coffee and burgers in California

If you're traveling from Los Angele, California to Las Vegas today chances are you may get free gas for your car, and free fuel for yourself as well in the form of burgers and coffee. The free offer lasts till July 23, 7pm. So gear up you drivers and grab the chance.

Up to 10 gallons of free gas will be available at the Shell gas station around 25 miles from the California-Nevada state line, by taking Exit 272 on Cima Road from 11am to 7pm, Nipton, California, just north of the Mojave National Preserve.

The company is also offering free burgers at a vintage roadside diner called Peggy Sue’s in Yermo, California, Exit 191 east of Barstow. That's not all, travelers can also get “the world’s coldest coffee”, chilled using liquid nitrogen, free of cost thanks to Google, being served at the base of the world’s tallest thermometer, in Baker, California.

The freebies are a promotional campaign for Google’s Maps app. New features have been added to the app including updates for maps which allows multiple pit stops to your trip; as opposed to earlier where you could only had one stop between your destinations.