Why you would want to quit Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is the most popular game in the world now, it even overtook the Facebook and Twitter to emerge the most trending game in the US. But, will it be able to attract user's forever?

Why you would want to quit Pokemon Go?

 Pokemon Go is a popular trending game all over the world. It is developed by Japanese company Niantic and makes use of GPS technology and Augmented Reality. The game takes you on a journey to a virtual world were you need to catch creatures called Pokemons. Currently, the game is a rage all over the world. But there are few serious problems with the Pokemon that may up set you.

They are:

One of its major drawback is that the game is repetitive. It is human that you get bored if you keep doing the same thing for a long time. The excitement of walking around your neighbourhood town or village to find Pokemons and then taking them back to the gym and training them etc, is all repetitive, say players.

The initial excitement will vanish easily within a week or two. Niantic should now start finding ways to make it more interesting rather than making it a monotonous one. They should bring in new features to make it interesting.

Like Lord Tennyson has said in his poem "The Brooke", 'Men may come and Men may go', in the same way games will also come and go, nothing can stay permanent in this world. Let's consider some other games like subway surfers, Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds etc.

People were once addicted to them like they are now with Pokemon Go, but the addiction stayed for a short time only.
But still Pokemon has over 20 years of cultural legacy to fall back on.

With the advent of smartphone based games, people started to engage them to while away their time. But Pokemon Go is a game that you can't play to kill time as this game requires fast movement. Games like candy crush Saga or angry birds can be played by sitting on a couch but Pokemon Go is a game for which you are rewarded for movements. The design of the game has made it very popular. But in some instances, players do not get to play an original version of the game, since they have to pay.

A major reason that made the game so popular is that Niantic has released it perfectly during mid-summer, taking advantage of kids enjoying their vacations.

Main activity of the game, catching a Pokémon, frequently causes it to crash, a hard freeze that requires restarting the app. Pokemon Go fans says that the game would be more fun if it does not crash or freeze.
Pokemon Go is so addictive that players run around busy areas unaware of their surroundings, this can even caused accidents and even deaths too. Players keep finding dead bodies. Armed robbers are using this game to find vulnerable victims.

The writing on the wall is that not all is bright for this popular game. Until then, let's play and enjoy your game.