WWE Battleground 2016: Dean Ambrose wins title, Randy Orton mocks Brock Lesnar

Dean Ambrose beat Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at Battleground 2016 bout, while Randy Orton challenged rival Brock Lesnar for their upcoming bout.

WWE Battleground 2016: Dean Ambrose wins title, Randy Orton mocks Brock Lesnar

It was business as usual for the champion Dean Ambrose in the rings as he defeated Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins on Sunday at the Battleground.

The match was exciting from the start till the end and gave full  entertainment for the full-packed crowd that gathered at the venue. Amid cheers from the crowd, Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins teamed up to give heavy blows on Roman Reigns. Clearly, the duo wanted to get rid of the vulnerable Reigns from the beginning itself.

At one point of the match, Rollins managed to pull Reigns out of the ring, with the help of the indomitable Dean Ambrose. Reigns soon accepted his defeat, leaving the ring only for Ambrose and Rollins as the crowds cheered their victory. However, soon the partnership came to an end as Ambrose began to ask Rollins for a challenge. The bout didn't take much time as Rollins was obviously no match for Ambrose. Ambrose overpowered Rollins in no time and retained the Championship once again.

But, Rollins has the chance to claim the title next year, when he will be engaged in the duel against Ambrose in the next match scheduled against him in next month's SummerSlam.

Randy Orton, fresh from his long sabbatical of nearly 11 months due to a shoulder injury gave an interview at the tournament. Orton gave his thoughts on his future match with Brock Lesnar, which is scheduled soon at SummerSlam. Orton, gave an impression to his ardent fans that he will be able to finish off Lesnar,in the bout, declaring he needs "no enhancements at all."
Oron looked joyful and confident enough to take down Lesnar and stole the show with his attitude at the venue.
In other matches win for Natalya won over her opponent in the women's match and John Cena and A.J. Styles engaged in a grueling bout, finally Cena could pin on Styles in the match.