Yanni Live Concert in Abu Dhabi

The world famous Greek singer to perform in Abu Dhabi for the first time

Yanni Live Concert in Abu Dhabi

There are a few geniuses that the world has come across in the music industry. Among others, Yanni is one, whose name will always be taken when great music composers, producers and pianists will be spoken of. In his 30 years of experience as a musician. Yanni has had 15 albums that made it to #1 on Billboard’s “Top New Age Albums” chart.

He has performed in every continent except Antarctica and has swooned his fans across 35 countries, entertaining an estimated audience of 5 million and still counting. This has made Yaani one of the world’s top selling live acts.

This legendary Greek Player will, finally, be performing live in Abu Dhabi, for the first time. A 15- member international orchestra will also accompany this award-winning musician at his concert. It should come as no surprise that this orchestra, too, is one of the finest in the world, as Yanni has been known to work with the best. Another thing he is known for is to perform outdoors, however, this time he will be performing at the du Forum.

His fans in the UAE can look forward to a performance, which would take them back in time and leave them with an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. In the live concert, expected to be held in September, this brilliant musician, as the world knows him, will be performing pieces from his past albums as well as introduce new compositions from his latest album “Sensuous Chill”

There is no doubt that Yanni would swipe his fans off their feet this time around as well, with his soulful music, his compassion as a performer and his charming smile. The harmony amongst instrumentalists who perform with him is yet another merry site to behold If nothing else, it demonstrates each artist’s passion for their work and their excitement of working with the maestro that Yanni is.

The tickets for his concert can be bought from Virgin Megastores, all across UAE and online on the following websites:

  • thinkflash.ae

  • ticketmaster.ae

Date: 30th September 2016

Time: 7: 30pm

Venue: du Forum, Abu Dhabi