You won't see Apple car (Project Titan) on roads till 2021 at least

Apple was planning to launch the its ambitious self driving electric car project popularly known as the Apple Car by 2020 but latest news suggests that it will take longer than it had been earlier expected due to hurdles the iPhone manufacturers is facing to roll out "Project Titan", as it has been codenamed.

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Latest reports have suggested that the Apple Car codenamed Project Titan will not be seen on roads for at least five more years.  The ambitious self driving electric car initiative by the iPhone manufacturer has been an open secret for a while now but unfortunately some reports suggest that owing to various obstacles encountered in "Project Titan," the Apple Car may not be able to keep its deadline of 2020.

Initial reports had stated that the first generation Apple Car could be a self driving car but the speculation has not been confirmed yet. Also, given Apple's commitment to perfection could mean that this delay could be further extended. Apple has been known to be a company which is detail-obsessed thanks to the culture cultivated by its late founder Steve Jobs.

A report by The Information stated that CEO Tim Cook had conversations with BMW and others about manufacturing partnerships in the past, but nothing fruitful came out of it. Project Titan's leader Steve Zadesky left Apple in January citing personal reasons, and could also have resulted in the project's timeline being pushed back. He was later replaced by former Telsa VP of Vehicle Engineering, Chris Porritt.

"The group has run into challenges, say people briefed about aspects of Titan along with other reports. Its top executive left in January, a sign that things there weren’t going well. One person who worked briefly with the Titan team was told during their tenure at Apple that the company had been trying to deliver a vehicle by 2020 but the target slipped to 2021," The Information quoted a source in Apple as saying.

The secretive electric car project that has been in the works since 2014 is a highly talked about initiative in the technology circles. Previous rumors claimed Project Titan was aiming for an unveiling in 2019. Nearly 1,000 Apple employees have been assigned to work on the self-driving electric car project. Apple currently has secret R&D car facilities in Sunnyvale, California and Berlin, Germany to try to accelerate the effort.