Zakir Naik delays return, likely to issue a video message

Zakir Naik who was supposed to return to Mumbai today has postponed his visit in the last moment

Zakir Naik delays return, likely to issue a video message

Zakir Naik the controversial Islamic preacher has cancelled his return to Mumbai, according to police. Sources say he may issue a video message on the charges levelled against him.

Mumbai police was planning to question him on various charges made against him.

Zakir Naik,  was  in the news  after terrrorists who attacked a cafe in Bangladesh  said they were influenced by the  sermons  of Zaikr Naik through Peace TV .  Bangladesh terror attacked claimed 22 lives. Bangladesh has banned Peace TV on Sunday.

The Maharastra police is now investigating the activities of Zakir Naik including the funding he gets, and the property he and his organisation owns etc.

Last day parents of two brothers from Kerala who were converted to Islam recently have said that their sons travelled to Mumbai to meet Naik on several occasions. The brothers are among the 20 people missing from the state. The relatives suspect they have joined Islamic State. But Kerala police is yet to confirm this.

Naik, 50, son of the psychiatrist father Abdul Karim Naik belongs to Ratnagiri in Maharastra, It was his father who motivated Naik to be as an Islamic preacher  and public speaker.

It was during his MBBS days  in Topiwala National Medical College & BYL Nair Charitable Hospital in central Mumbai, that he decided to become full time Islamic  preacher  by abandoning  medical profession.

During that period  in medical college he happened to attend a class of South African preacher Ahmed Deedat, who influenced him so much that he decided to follow the his footsteps.

Naik now claims to have 1.4 million followers in Facebook and 20 crore viewers on his evangelical Peace TV. The Dubai headquartered channel is not registered with India's  Information and Broadcasting ministry.

Islamic Research foundation gets huge donation from across the world. Last year , Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz presented Naik with King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam which carried US $200,000 and a gold medal.

Apart from IRF Naik owns Islamic International School in Mazgaon.

The Islamic International School runs a string of programmes, including lectures, training sessions for youth, classes for hafiz  Islamic orientation programmes are held as part of the school curriculum.

Naik who travels across the world  to preach Islamism, has courted controversies for taking extreme views  on religion, women's status in society etc.