196 Cases of Domestic Violence Reported in Dubai in 2016

In the first half of 2016, the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) claims that it has received 196 cases of domestic violence.

196 Cases of Domestic Violence Reported in Dubai in 2016

In Dubai, 196 cases of domestic violence have emerged during the first half of the year. This report comes from the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) based on the cases they have received this year, until July.

Analysis and study of the victims suggest that most of them have been suffering from more than one kind of abuse. Of the 192 out of the 196 cases that have been reported, suggest that the victims were emotionally and verbally abused. 149 faced negligence, 142 were physically abused, 32 of the victims were sexually assaulted and 100 of them faced financial abuse.

According to Afra Al Basti, the director-general of DFWAC, husbands have been the culprits in 162 cases in which victims were subject to violence. Other dominant criminal offenders include father (14 cases), ex-husbands (8 cases), brothers (5 cases) and mothers (4 cases). Other cases involved relatives and superiors at work, who practiced violence against the victims.

In 48 of these reported cases, Emiratis were the victims, while there were 145 other nationalities and 3 cases in which the victims’ nationalities were unidentified.

Afra Al Basti informed in her interview with a local newspaper “Among the cases of domestic violence that we received during the current year, we provided shelter for eight cases after studying their situation, while the other external cases received care and rehabilitation services without the need to be sheltered,”

Dominant means of communication to report cases have been direct calls on the DFWAC 800111 help line, emails on help@dfwac.ae and SMS on 5111. Information for the remaining cases were directed through courts, police, relatives, schools, friends and embassies.

DFWAC has also launched an initiative ‘Case Empowerment’, a rehabilitating process through which victims are appointed a suitable job to make them able enough to survive on their own and have financial stability in their lives.

Along with sheltering, health, educational, social, legal, psychological and entertainment services, the foundation also initiates campaigns to spread awareness about domestic violence.

On the other hand, the complaints filed this year are relatively lower compared to the number of complaints that had been filed during the same last year. In the first half of 2015, there were 231 cases of domestic violence that have been reported.