2018 Winter Olympics: only 18 months to go for extravaganza in S Korea

Winter Olympics Pyeongchang at South Korea, is barely 18 months away, after the closing ceremony at Rio Olympics.

2018 Winter Olympics: only 18 months to go for extravaganza in S Korea

It is now time to bid farewell to Rio Olympics 2016, and all the eyes are glued to the extravaganza unveiling at the Winter Olympics Pyeongchang, South Korea, which is barely 18 months away.

The Pyeongchang Olympics will also mark a shift of focus to East Asia as the three major greatest upcoming sporting events - Winter Olympics 2018, 2020 Summer Olympics: Tokyo and 2022 Winter Olympics: Beijing, all will be hosted in the region.

Now lets have a look at what is in store at the Pyeongchang Olympics. The event will be the first ever Winter Olympics to be held in South Korea.

However, the most visible impact of the Olympics would be the renaming of games to “PyeongChang 2018” emphasizing the capital letter as rival North Korea's capital bears a similar name Pyongyang.

The host nation will have to spend at least $13 billion for the Olympics. A high speed train will transport the visitors from the capital Seoul to venue in less than one hour. Now it takes more than three hours for the journey.

The mood is upbeat across the South Koreans about the event.

"We want to host the best Winter Games ever made," Lee Hee-beom, the president of PyeongChang Olympics' Organizing Committee told CNBC. "All the venues will be ready by the end of October this year. We will be ready to host a historic Games," he added.

Officials do not want tensions with N Korea to mar the spirit, as it boycotted the Seoul Olympics of 1988.

"Those who love peace ... have the obligation to participate, so there is no exception including North Korea," Lee told CNBC, adding , "I hope these Games can improve relations with North Korea, true to the spirit of the Olympics."

Interestingly, fear of people boarding flights to N Korea's capital by mistake has made them to rename the venue.
They hope it will also help to make the city a new destination on the world tourist map.