5 Drinks You Should Avoid for a healthy lifestyle

Some drinks that we think are healthy contain added sugars that can contribute to body weight and health problems. Here is a list of five drinks you should avoid for a healthy lifestyle.

5 Drinks You Should Avoid for a healthy lifestyle


Most people think that in their attempt to loose weight or stay fit, all that they need to do is to avoid fatty, unhealthy and calorie rich foods. But, it is not the reality, as certain drinks make a major contribution to your calorie intake. There are few drinks that you commonly drink but are actually very bad for health. Here is a list of 5 such drinks that you should avoid or rather never ever drink .

Pre- sweetened Iced Tea


Having an iced tea on a hot sunny day is refreshing, but you don't realize the bad effects it has. Iced tea in general and sweetened iced tea in particular is not good for your health especially for people who are on a diet. Popular brands of iced tea contains almost 250 calories per serving with at least 60 grams of sugar in it, which is not at all acceptable for a diet conscious person. Pre-sweetened iced tea has high levels of sugar and artificial sweeteners which is never a good choice for a healthy diet. If you are so particular about having an iced tea make sure that you order for a non sweet one, so that you can add sugar on your own.

Flavored Water


The flavored water that you find in stores and think healthy, as they carry the label 'added Natural flavors' are unhealthy. We never know where these natural flavors come from, as anything and everything you get from nature can be tagged natural. The blueberry flavored water that you find in your nearby store need not contain real blueberry in it. Instead it contains an artificially made blueberry flavour which is high in preservatives and sugar content. Even vitamins in these flavored water are fat soluble. It is always better to have a small amount of freshly squeezed fruit juice. But make sure that it is a small amount as anything beyond a limit can be dangerous.



Juice, whether it may be 'freshly squeezed', tinned is not diet friendly, as it has high sugar levels. Calorie content in a cup of can fruit juice is equivalent to six fruits. It is always better to have natural fruits than fruit juice.

Athletes Drink


You might have seen athletes taking sports juice in between and after their workouts. As you see them taking it, you may fall into a false notion that all who take sports drinks like them can stay fit and healthy. But you need to know that these drinks are high in calorie. They are specially designed for athletes as to help them stay energized and this won't affect their waistlines, because high performance burns thousands of calories each day.



Soda whether diet, regular or flavored is not good for your health as it has artificial flavors and sweeteneres. 16 ounce of flavored soda has about 13 spoons of sugar which is not at all recommendable. Diet sodas though they are named so has high amount of artificial sweeteners. The type of sugar used in soda is known as High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and this can lead to a condition of fatty liver.