5 easy ways explaining how to prevent body odor

Bad body odor can give a negative impression about your hygiene. Make an effort to smell nice with these tips before you turn off people around you. You definitely do not want to recognized for your body odor. Be it strong or light. Here are the steps to stop the smell and control sweating!

5 easy ways explaining how to prevent body odor


Body odor is definitely a turn off that we don't want to be associated with. The problem starts when we don't realize if we are smelling awful. This happens because our sense of smell is quickly accustomed to our own body odor. If you are unable to figure it out yourself, you may ask your friend or a family member to be honest about it. However, if they respond in the affirmative about the smell, don't fret. Quickly follow these steps:

Keep your under arms clean


Do not use lotion and creams in the underarms area. Hair growth under your arms can create a place for bacteria. Keep it clean and do not let bacteria to settle. Hair is porous which means it easily absorbs the odors and slows the evaporation of your sweat.

Have a good shower


Take a shower at least once a day and wash away the sweat as well as the bacteria on your skin. It is important to use a soap or an antibacterial detergent depending on how much you sweat. Focus on underarms and feet as they are the high body odor areas. Dry yourself completely especially on areas where sweating is most.

Apply an antiperspirant roll-on/stick


If you think that using some products will make your arms darker then stop worrying about it. Get a good antiperspirant and you will know if it suits your skin or not. They are mostly safe unless you are using a poor quality ones or something that is not suitable for your skin. Using them after your shower is the best time. You may also use when you feel sweaty.

Keep yourself dry and carry a body spray


Think you are not appearing fresh at work? Carrying a handkerchief or facial tissues can see you through sweaty hours. Use sprays to avoid bad odor. However, make sure you do not overuse it lest you end up annoying people around you.

Have plenty of water and eat healthy

Eat fresh and healthy food. Your diet makes a huge difference in body odor. Drinking lots of water will help you eliminate body odor though sweating.  Water intake is important. So, eat right and drink well.. the water.