5 facts about Apple iPhone 7 to be launched in September

Apple is going to announce a much talked about Apple iPhone 7 during September 2016..
iphone 7

Apple is going to announce a much talked about Apple iPhone 7 during September 2016, though media differ on the exact date of launch saying September 7 and September 26, as possible dates.

However, Apple usually announces new gadgets in September, say tech experts. Let’s have a peek into what is is store for users at this much-hyped gadget launch.

No headphone jack

Apple is likely to replace the headphone jack from its new iPhone 7. It will help to make the new iPhone slim and water proof resistant, but critics say it is against consumer’s interests.

Usually Apple provides a pair of earbuds with every new series of Phones, chances are that we can have a set of headphones connected to iphone’s Lightning port.

Dual camera

The iPhone 7 is said to have brand new camera with dual sensors that will take photos simultaneously.
Each of it will take pics and color them separately. The software of new iPhone 7 will join them to produce a fabulous detailed and bright pic.

One caveat

It will be a new feature on Apple’s new larger iPhone, to be named iPhone 7 Plus. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), which will helps to reduce blurring will be a special feature of iPhone 7.

slightly new design

Apple’s New iPhones is rumoured to get rid of some of the old features of older models.

No chance of 16GB option

Apple is finally make storage to 32GB, from current 16 GB.

iOS 10

New iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus are expected to have iOS 10. It will help in improving current version of iMessage. It can facilitate app integration.
Apple will also help existing iPhones and iPads to change to iOS 10 in future.

The new features include a Siri to help interact with other services, and a completely reworked Photos app which makes use of machine learning features to find contents of each and every image.