5 habits to avoid looking tired in office

Here are five major reasons leading to fatigue, that makes you feel tired at work.

5 habits to avoid looking tired in office

Who doesn't like coming to office everyday fresh with a broad smile on our face. But, personal issues and health problems often make us gloomy, lethargic and not interested in work. But, adjusting our lifestyle and simply following some of these health tips can come a long way in looking fresh and active.

1.No breakfast

Skipping breakfast will not make lethargic and will leave you sleepy too. You need more than coffee or tea in the morning. The caffeine rush from coffee will keep you better but it won't satisfy your need for breakfast. This will cause you to doze early during the day that will affect your productivity. So prioritize breakfast to improve your concentration. Avoid sugary foods for breakfast.

2.Unorganized Desk

Do not pile up your desk with files and arrange folders. Organizing your desk creates a huge impact on your day's work activity. Keep the stationary in a place and clean your desk. Do not leave the food at the table and wipe the crumbs that are left or the droplets of the beverage you drank. This can create lot of positive vibes in your work.

3.Compromising sleep

Early to bed and yet awake till late night? This is very bad for your health. Surfing the internet strains your eyes and keep you occupied. This makes you stay awake longer and sleep lesser. Do not prioritize work over sleep. Stay healthy and get good sleep so that you are productive throughout the following day.

4.Incorrect sitting posture

Don't lean forward or rest your arms on armchair and lean on your elbows. Sit by pushing your bottom at the back end of the chair. Keep the feet flat or use a small fat stool for your feet. The position you should sit must be around 120-130 degrees and not 90. Incorrect sitting can make you fall asleep, develop back ache, neck pain or a hunchback.

5.Not drinking sufficient water

Even if you are lightly dehydrated your energy levels stay low. It reduces blood volume and makes blood thick. This makes your heart to pump less by reducing the speed of oxygen and nutrients that would reach your muscles and other organs.