5 Mysteries that have been solved

Not all mysteries remain unsolved. Here are few of them where researchers and science nailed it!

5 Mysteries that have been solved


Stonehenge- The Pyramids and Ancient People Moving Huge Stones

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Existing for more than trillion years, these giant piles of rocks have not only been suspected, but the bigger mystery always remained was, how were  they built and how do prehistoric people who are not as strong as the machines we see now to shift things, move each stones that weigh tons? A priestly race among the Celts that were called the Druids were believed to have supervised Stonehenge. This place was known to be a sacred ceremonial site for which the Druids were keepers and leaders of ceremonial rites among Celts.

Observation says that these stones made a path to astronomical phenomena. Be it during summer or winter solstices, eclipses, and more. They have been involved with magic powers, human sacrifices, and various mystical rites. Research says that dragging the moai to a open area or ahu to mounting them on a type of sled and making it roll on tree trunks. This is the way the stones were dragged. Astronomer Gerald Hawkins, convinced with scientific evidence that Stonehenge reacted to an astronomical observatory.

Atlantis the lost city

[caption id="attachment_305557" align="alignnone" width="512"]Atlantis under water Atlantis under water[/caption]

We all have heard about the lost city, Atlantis and it deeply shocks us imagining the whole of city to have just disappeared. Classical philosopher Plato, describes Atlantis as an island which is larger than Libya and Asia Minor combined. It is said that the city was the most advanced civilization on Earth.

Researchers say that over 60 miles of the city was swallowed by Tsunami. Moreover, Plato had mentioned in Socrates specifically in his writing that Atlantis is a completely a 'hypothetical' city.

The Ourang Medan

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In this ship, the whole crew had died under mysterious circumstances. This ship was also called as the ghost ship. According to the stories we hear, a Dutch freighter was traveling to the coast of Indonesia and sent out a series of much panicked stricken calls, that had the message: "All officers including captain dead, lying in chartroom and on bridge, probably whole crew dead." Immediately the Morse messages reached into a barrage of SOS calls,  melting into disconnected final, clear, chilling line stating: "I die."

It's actually not this serious but foolish. Official registration or accident investigation records have proven unsuccessful. Which means, this ship did not exist at all! It is indeed a fictitious story.

Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

[caption id="attachment_305559" align="alignnone" width="300"]Amelia Earhart Amelia Earhart[/caption]

She is the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean . In 1937, she vanished after giving her last radio transmission over the Pacific ocean. Immediately the rescue workers began tracking the area for signs of the famous aviator and the navigator, Fred Noonan who was along with her. The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard launched the largest and most expensive air and sea finding method in the history of America. When the efforts failed, Earhart’s husband of six years, George Putnam, financed his own tracking method but ended up equally with no information.

After 7 decades of her disappearance, it was said that Earhart was a spy for the President Roosevelt and secretly lived away from the identity. Another source says that she was captured and executed by the Japnese army. While In November 2006, the National Geographic Channel
aired an episode about a claim that Earhart survived the world flight and moved to New Jersey She changed her name, remarried and became Irene Craigmile Bolam. Irene Bolam, who had been a banker in New York during the 1940s. She disagreed being Earhart and filed a lawsuit requesting $1.5 million for the damages. A professional criminal forensic expert, Kevin Richlin, who was hired by National Geographic, studied the photographs of both women that resembled many measurable facial differences between Earhart and Bolam.

The Notes in Homer’s ‘Odyssey’

[caption id="attachment_305560" align="alignnone" width="300"]mysterious copy of homers odyssey mysterious copy of homers odyssey[/caption]

The mystery went on for over 150 years when a series of mysterious notes in an ancient copy of Homer’s “Odyssey” puzzled the scholars. The annotations, written in an unknown language, were scribbled all over the margins of the 500-year-old manuscript.

It was later discovered that the scribblings were French translations of the Greek text. Researchers Metilli and Accetta found many defunct stenographic systems which one was resembling the annotations. Collector, M.C. Lang declared a $1,000 reward for the one who could decode the script. According to Metilli, “If I didn’t have access to online sources such as Google Books, the Greek Word Study Tool of the Perseus Digital Library and the French corpora of the CNRTL, I probably wouldn’t have won. What great times we live in!”