5 Places That have Banned Selfies

Selfies have become an important part of our trips. Here are 5 places where you are banned from clicking a selfie.

5 Places That have Banned Selfies

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In this world, which is ruled by technology and social media, selfies have become an inevitable part of our daily life. Anywhere and everywhere you go, a selfie is mandatory. Not just taking it but it has to be posted on the social media too. People are now ready to do anything and everything as to take a selfie. No matter where they are and what situation they are in, all they want is a selfie. Reports states that many have even lost their life while clicking and posing for a selfie. Here is a list of 5 no-selfie places around the world.

Garoupe Beach, France


Garoupe, a popular beach in Southern France, has been labelled “No Braggies Zone” which in French means: "No Selfie Zone". The Garoupe beach is one of the most popular beach in France and the reason why they have imposed a ban on selfie is that they want visitors to spent time enjoying the beach rather than clicking selfies and posting it on social media. Authorities are so strict about this and have appointed, The Holiday Spam Police, looking out for those visitors who are seen violating the rules. And for those who are so particular about taking a selfie and posting it on social media, this beach has designated two zones on the beach to be “Brag Free”.

New York Zoo, Museums


New York is the first city to ban selfies in the United States Of America. And here they have banned it to protect wild animals and people who love these animals. Animal exhibitors who disobeys this law will have to face heavy fines for each violation. Tiger selfies are becoming increasingly popular and dangerous. Law makers have denied that the reason for this ban is Big cat selfies, and they say that they have imposed this ban because these kind of selfies encourage mistreatment of these endangered animals.

Pamplona Bull Run, Spain


This selfie ban in the Northern region of Pamplona, Spain, has been imposed by the officials to protect the life of both the person who clicks a selfie and the people around him. Officials have banned selfie, during the running of the bulls. The law states people who are seen violating the ban and clicking selfies during the running of the bull will have to pay a fine of up to €3000 Euros.

Melbourne during 2015 Australian Open


Organizers of 2015 Australian Open in Melbourne Park imposed a ban on selfie. This ban is quite interesting and ironic, because they once actually used the selfie stick to promote itself and now turned around and have banned these devices. But they haven't banned it throughout the event, instead banned it only by the court side as they feel that this would distract the players and other people who have come there to watch the competition. They do encourage people to take selfies, by having marked 20 selfie zones.

UK During Elections


Electoral Commission of UK has made it illegal to snap a selfie if you are a returning officer who was involved in the previous year’s local and European elections. They have also stated that people who even tweet photos of themselves with their ballots would have to face a fine up to €5000 Euros or 6 months of jail time. Legally it is a criminal offence to reveal who you voted for or the serial number of your secret ballet. But people are saying that these selfies inspire and attract younger generation to the polling booth.