5 Tips to improve your memory

Know how to improve your memory

5 Tips to improve your memory

We sometimes happen to loose a thought in a split second and would take the whole day to regain what it was. Remembering is the process of making most use of one's memory. This will make you attentive and organised. A strong memory also defines your health and your mental fitness.

1.Say it aloud

This might sound silly and funny. But when you begin saying what you are doing, your action follows up. Be it locking the doors, taking your medicines or checking the stove. Experts even say that it is a good gesture to call out the name while introduced like, "Hello Celine" and after you finish the conversation "Nice talking to you Celine" or just tell the name to yourself in your mind so that you don't sound creepy.

2.Be mentally active

Just like engaging in a physical activity helps you to keep your body in shape, similarly involving in mental activities or games will surely help to recharge your brain! Involve yourself in the activities like crossword puzzles, mind games, reading newspapers or books.

3.Eat healthy

Eating habits also count for the functioning of your brain. Adapting healthy eating lifestyle or diets such as
Mediterranean Diet
 has proved to be beneficial for many people.

4.Be organised

You just cant throw away your keys, bills, watch, bag or kick off your shoes. Set a place to keep things in an ordered manner. Be it office or at home, always keep your files, folders, stationary, paper clips and pins at place.

5.Have a sound sleep

Do not compromise anything for your sleep. Is sound sleep evading you? Remember, sleep enhances not only your beauty, skin but brain too. Having eight hours of sleep, will help to wake up fresh rather than looking groggy. If you are finding it difficult to sleep then you may check: These Bedtime Habits Will Help You Sleep Better.