5 Tourist Destinations Where The Value of Rupee is Higher

See the world in a budget. You'd be surprised at the places you can visit and explore without spending a fortune on your trip

5 Tourist Destinations Where The Value of Rupee is Higher

The only reason some refuse to follow their wanderlust is because travelling is an expensive affair. The amount money that is required to be invested into plane tickets, hotel stay and travel, often scare those who wish to travel. Especially, when it comes to comparing Indian currency with those of the countries you wish to travel to.

So, here's the solution to your problem. Take trips to countries that have a lower currency value than Indian rupees, for an overall budget controlled trip!

Below is a list of five countries that you can visit and explore, without having to spend a fortune.

1. Costa Rica

Currency Conversion: 1 Rupee (Rs.)= 8.23 Costa Rican Colón (CRC)



Although it is home to the renowned Pre-Colombian Gold Museum, Costa Rica is famous for its lush forests, wild life and the beaches. As it shares its shores with the Caribbean Sea, as well as the Pacific, this is a great place for those who are fond of aquatic scenery. Volcanoes are also a big attraction at Costa Rica.

2. Cambodia

Currency Conversion: 1 Rupee (Rs.)=61.29 Cambodian Riel (RHK)


The Cambodian history and culture are all the reasons you need, to head to this place. Rich with tales of the past and with ancient antiquities, Cambodia offers a serene experience. Food, stay and travel is also quite affordable in the country.

3. Bolivia

Currency Conversion: 1 Rupee (Rs.)=0.10 Boliviano (BOB)


A scenic city embedded right into the mountains, by the waters is apt to surprise you with the adventures it has in store. Be it city gazing or to connect with the nature. But away from the city life, you wouldn't want to go anywhere except for the hot spring that it has to offer! If you're into stargazing, there is nothing better than visiting salt flats in Bolivia. The salt flat is just as magical during the day.


4. Mongolia

Currency Conversion: 1 Rupee (Rs.)=32.83 Mongolian Tugrik (MNT)


Terracotta Mongolian Warriors and a statue of Genghis Khan are two of the main tourist attractions. But they are not all that Mongolia has to offer. If you're the one for wild life, a sight of the mountain cheetah, brown bears, two hump camels, lamas and the trails of wild horses, which are in plenty, is the real deal for you. Also, there's Vodka everywhere. It's almost surreal to watch snow capped mountains right besides lush green field with the sun spreading its golden everywhere.

5. Vietnam  

Currency Conversion: 1 Rupee (Rs.)=333.52 Vietnamese Dong (VND)


A country with lengthy history and with culture thoroughly sewed into their lives and environment is definitely a good travel destination. The natural beauty is all the more reason to travel to Vietnam. Sitting in a lagoon, floating through waters with cliffs emerging from their surfaces and rising as tall as they can, is a unique experience in itself. The temples have their own charm.