5 ways to Charge Smartphone battery Faster

In this tech freak society, it's difficult for people to live even for a minute with out their most favourite smart phone. So imagine a situation where your phones battery is about to die while on journey. Here are few tips that would help you charge your smart phone faster.

5 ways to Charge Smartphone battery Faster

In today's world which is ruled by technology, smart phones are something that we always carry with us. These days begin and end with our Phones. Checking your phone for new Whats app message, an Instagram post or a Facebook post would be the first thing, that most people do these days as when they get up. Most people would have faced a situation wherein your phone shows a warning 'battery low please connect your charger'. You can wait for a few minutes and put it for charge, but your device hardly gets charged by 4 - 5 percent, which would not serve your purpose when you are on a long journey. Here are few tips to charge your android smart phone faster.

Wall Charger

First and foremost thing that you can do to get your smart phone battery charged faster is to opt for a wall charger than trying to charge from your PC or charger or using a wireless charger. The 2.5 watts of power from a USB 2.0 port or the 4.5 watts of power from a USB 3.0 port won't be enough to charge your smartphone fast.

Switching Your Phone Off or Flight Mode

It's always better to put your phone in flight mode or switch it off as to enable faster charging of your android phones. It is more advisable to keep it switched off than putting it in a flight mode. Though your battery gets charged faster by this method its major drawback is that you will miss out all notifications until you switch your phone on.

Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode reduces battery consumption. These day almost all smart phones come with a battery saving option.

Turn Off all possible Features

When you keep your Phone for charging, make sure that you turn off all unwanted features like WiFi, data, GPS, Bluetooth etc as they consume a lot of battery and this would ensure faster charging.

Use a good Charger

You can ensure faster charging if you use a good charger.These days most smart phones comes with a fast charger but still there are some chargers that do not ensure fast charger. If it is so, buy a new charger which would ensure faster charging.