6 Indian Ingredients That Make Your Tea Taste Better

Tea is one of the first things that you would ask for when you wake up. Here are 6 Indian ingredients that would make your tea taste better.

6 Indian Ingredients That Make Your Tea Taste Better


One thing that you first ask for as and when you wake up in the morning is a cup of hot tea. This morning cup of tea plays a major role in making you feel fresh, improves your digestion, immunity, energy and focus. Here are six Indian ingrediants that would make your tea taste better and would make people ask for another cup.

Basil Leaves


Apart from adding taste to your tea they are refreshing and helps in turning down your anxiety levels. If you feel a little exhausted when your back home after work just add some Basil leaves to your tea and this would wake you up and make you feel a little better.



Cinnamon adds taste to your tea in addition to which it helps in boosting up your natural metabolism. It offers benefits that help promote blood sugar levels and adds to a healthy digestion. Apart from all this it gives a warm feeling to your tongue.



Adding ginger to your tea helps in better digestion and makes your tea a little spicy; that you would actually enjoy. You can either use ginger tooth or ginger powder as both are equally good. Having a cup of ginger tea will definitely make you want more of it.



People have been addiding honey to tea, as to make their tea tasteir, since times immemorial. It sweetens the tea and makes it taste delicious, it's also good for your throat. You can add honey instead of adding sugar to your tea and thus it would help control your blood sugar levels too.



If you would like to add a slighty sweet and acidic taste to your tea then squeeze half a lemon to it. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and would help you cure your cold. If you have a stomach upset then this is one best solution.



Mint is naturally refreshing and helps in digestion. It prevents and treats bloating, and can also help cure anxiety issues. It also has a refreshing flavour.