7 lesser-known facts about Michael Jackson

This August 29 marks the 51st birthday of "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, who departed on June 25, 2009. MJ died of heart failure while trying for his big comeback. Here we pay homage to MJ's memory, bringing 7 hardly known facts about his life, career and dramatic death.

7 lesser-known facts about Michael Jackson

Had pop legend Michael Jackson been alive today, he would have been celebrating his 51st birthday. The tragic death of the "King of Pop" on June 25, 2009, due to cardiac arrest was a big blow to music buffs all over the world.

The entire world mourned the most popular singer's death for weeks, as it was evident that it has lost a true musical giant forever and the loss is irreparable.

However, his legacy continues through his innumerable songs that still attract new audience.

Here are 7 unknown facts about MJ that you probably never heard before...

1.He continues to be most selling singer of all time even after death

More than 1 billion titles sung by Michael Jackson have been sold. His most popular title “Thriller” has crossed all records in US' music industry.

2. $1.5 billion billion suit by MJ's family

MJ's family has filed for a record $1.5 billion billion in damages against the event promoter AEG Live for his death.

3. Michael Jackson had a pet snake and chimpanzees

Michael Jackson was very fond of animals and he had a pet snake named 'Muscles'. He is known to have kept chimpanzees.

4. Most award winning artiste of all time

In his lifetime, MJ won 13 Grammys, 26 American Music Awards, 23 awards by the Guinness World, just to name a few.

5. Escaped 9/11 tragedy

He narrowly escaped death from 9/11 tragedy, as he had missed a morning appointment after he overslept.

6. A humanitarian at heart.

MJ's music accompanied his humanitarian efforts. His music echoed concern for nature, issues of global warming, poverty, deforestation etc. The more than $63 million he earned from his popular song “We Are The World” went to help relief work for African famine.

7. MJ was a vegetarian

MJ used to sometimes “go for hours without eating” but he was also very picky about what he ate. According to his chef, Jackson had a “fairly limited diet” and said the pop star was “a vegetarian who didn’t like vegetables”. He was known for having a major sweet tooth, but he didn’t eat sugar and wasn’t a fan of chocolate.